3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Qigong Now for Your Health of Tomorrow

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Blog Posts

1. True prevention is missing from the healthcare system.

If you rely too much on others to be healthy, you run the risk of being surprised by illness later. The healthcare system is crumbling, and it may take more than your lifetime to correct it. Don’t wait any longer to start taking care of yourself now and cultivating your independence.

2. Your efforts now only affect your health of tomorrow.

You are a complex living system, which means your health follows one of the most important truths about systems. Every major part of a system has a built-in delay. That’s why your efforts and attention to your health now will only bear fruit in the future, and you might not notice it right away.

3. A qigong a day keeps the diseases at bay.

Invest in yourself, learn qigong and the philosophy behind it’s powerful effects. Discover how you can become your best doctor.

What is Qigong?

The word, Qigong (Chee-gong), means the cultivation of Qi (Chee), or the power that drives behavior in things and sustains life. According to Chinese medicine, your health is restored and maintained when Qi flows through channels in your body without obstruction.


If you can learn to harness the power of Qi,

you can tap into your own self-healing potential.


Medical Qigong is a type of qigong that represents many forms that include coordinated breathing, stretching, movement and mindfulness exercises to cultivate health and vitality. Each form carries the power to address specific health conditions when practiced accurately and consistently over time.


Qigong isn’t a pill or a procedure.


It’s a process that addresses the root causes of illness. The qigong forms, alone, can’t make an impact without the philosophy and lifestyle lessons that guide them. As you start to learn qigong, you’ll soon understand why learning more than one form brings you closer to mastery of the foundational principles.

Barbara’s Training

Barbara de la Torre, MD is a physician, acupuncturist, and Master Certified Medical Qigong Instructor of the Ling Gui method. She is board certified in Family Medicine and Medical Acupuncture, and began her qigong studies in 1998.

She spent the last nine years studying medical qigong with Ling Gui Masters Liu He and Liu Dong, who hold a lineage that began over 2,000 years ago. Barbara specializes in creative approaches to health, and enjoys teaching people how to tap into their own healing potential through the practice and philosophy of qigong.


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