S3 Ep 8 – Season Finale Part 1: Looking Back is How You Move Forward for Your Health Strategy

Oct 25, 2023 | Podcast

Imagine a healthcare system where you actually matter. Not just the symptom you walk in with, but who you are as a person, the struggles you face, your family legacy, your family secrets. Imagine all of these things matter.

In the season 3 finale, Episodes 8 and 9 reveal Ramey’s layers of family history in the context of relationships and identity. By looking backward, Ramey moves forward with the knowledge and confidence to form her own Health Strategy.

The Genogram

In Episode 8, Ramey takes a deeper dive on how people and events influenced her life experience and identity. No one lives in a vacuum. Family diseases, events and relationships contribute to your emotional and physical states of health.

The word, Genogram, is just a fancy term for a family tree that maps out who you belong to and some basic patterns of these relationships.

Genograms include biological and legal members of a family, but they can also include pets, friends, and other relationships. They reveal clues about family secrets and mythology, since families usually modify what is painful or embarrassing in their history.

You draw from your point of view as the key person at the center of the map, going back at least two generations and forward to your children and grandchildren.

I use genograms with my clients as a building block to fully know who they are in their environment.


With context, there is meaning.


With reflection, there is growth and potential for healing.

Follow Ramey’s Health Journey in Season 3

My client, Ramey, reached a point where she wanted to go deeper than that with the Health Strategy Consult program. Season 3 is about pulling the curtain back so you can learn the process with Ramey on how to form a unique health strategy.


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