Client Interview: What It’s Like to Create Your Health Strategy with Dr. Barbara de la Torre at Third Opinion MD

Jun 28, 2022 | Podcast

A 15-minute appointment with the doctor rarely allows you to discover the root behind the decisions you make with your health unless you are prepared. This is why I approach clients with a thorough curiosity about who they are, who they were, and who they wish to be in order to live a healthy and purposeful life. Strategy goes beyond the symptoms and diseases. It relieves the fear and stress that come with your health going out of balance.

In this episode, I have the opportunity to sit with one of my clients to really talk through how we work on a Health Strategy Consult.


My guest today is Arlene, and she gave permission to talk about her health and about her experience in developing a Health Strategy to navigate the healthcare system effectively and become the confident leader of her health journey.


Getting to the Root of Keeping the Doctor Away

Arlene is 75-years old, and came to see me at a crossroads. She was having ongoing digestive problems with sensitivity to foods, frequent diarrhea, and she was losing both joy and variety with cooking and eating. She also has a long history of chronic kidney disease as well as problems with high blood pressure, or hypertension. For a while, her kidney doctor tried to encourage her to start blood pressure medicine because the blood pressure readings were getting higher and putting her at risk for kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.

Before Arlene started working with me, she struggled to communicate with medical professionals. She felt dismissed, and really hoped to have a collaborative experience. She was motivated to make changes, and was eager to learn about her health. But Arlene was limited by her distrust and fear of the medical system, and she was not familiar with how the healthcare system worked.

Arlene prefers to “go natural” with her medical care, but understands that traditional care is sometimes necessary. She has had life-long anxiety and fear around going to the doctor because of her childhood upbringing, experience with medical errors, side effects from medications, and how doctors treated her when she expressed interest in alternatives to taking pills.

Arlene made tremendous progress after working through the root causes or her fear, understanding her conditions from an Eastern and Western medical perspective, and learning to navigate the healthcare system. Her blood pressure is now stable, her digestion improved, and her negative emotions no longer control her decisions about her health. She also knows how to select the best doctor for her from any medical model, whether it’s traditional medicine, Chinese medicine, naturopathic, or chiropractic.

True success is not from starting a medication, but from being proactive in the decision to start a medication, knowing the risks and alternatives, and looking ahead to find ways to reduce the need for medication with lifestyle measures.

Listen to Episode 10 to discover how Arlene develops a Health Strategy to understand and take charge of her health.


The Impacts on Your Third Opinion

Healthcare operates, to a large extent, as a passive-aggressive system. The patient is trained to be passive, and the natural reaction of the medical system is to be aggressive in order to reach health goals. The medical marketplace adopted this model over a century ago. This system of care isn’t sustainable, and it’s actually really bad for your health.

In order to break free from the passive role, you can train your own natural leader and inner doctor. It takes a strategy, or a plan of action. You are in a perfect position to learn this strategy because you know yourself best.

Getting sick does not have to be your path or destiny. You have options to choose where and how to reach and maintain your health. Like any team sport or battle plan, a captain or general unites and takes action. Why would you choose anyone else to lead the way?



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